What our Students say

  • Murray S.    

    I took piano lessons from Karl Logue, yes, but also lessons in everything musical. Karl has been my accompanist, vocal coach, editor, arranger, and producer for projects ranging from cabaret solos to staged musicals, and published sheet music to karaoke videos. He is among the most accomplished musicians in Austin. Even so, his musical talent comes second to his pedagogical gifts of patience, kindness, and strength of character.

  • Cecily J.

    I sent my daughter to study with Karl Logue. He is a very good teacher. He listens to his students’ concerns and addresses them with a firm but gentle hand. You will not regret having your child study piano with “Mr. Karl!”

  • Chris D

    Mr. Logue is an excellent music teacher. I’ve studied music with Mr. Logue for years now, both as a piano student and as a member of his choir at Unity Church of the Hills. Mr. Logue is extremely well-versed in his craft. He takes great pride in the proper maintenance and tuning of his two antique Mason & Hamlin grand pianos. He allows his students the opportunity to practice on these two glorious instruments, which I can say from personal experience is a joy in and of itself. Mr. Logue not only teaches his piano students proper finger application to the keys, but he also teaches us the music theory behind such applications so that we can better understand chord structure and chord progressions. For adult learners such as myself, Mr. Logue has a keen eye for spotting mistakes that we self-learners tend to develop over time. This is something that I especially appreciate in my lessons with him. Only by recognizing those mistakes can they then be unlearned. In addition, Mr. Logue begins his sessions with students by focusing on their goals as music students. If a student wants to focus on classical music of a certain era, for example, that becomes the focus. If a student wants to focus on Broadway tunes, for example, that becomes the focus. Mr. Logue caters his music lessons to the student’s goals. If you are looking for music lessons, I highly recommend Mr. Logue’s Center for Musical Excellence. Your money is well spent here. You will progress very well with Mr. Logue toward your goals as a music student.